Axis knee System: Confidence in Every Step

May 15, 2016


By Estrella Gallardo | Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 12:12 pm




Total knee Replacement is a surgery where the knee joint is replaced with metal and plastic implants to eliminate pain, restore alignment, and allow the patient to return to normal daily activities.


It is the best option available to treat osteoarthritis when medication and therapy are no longer effective.


A successful total knew replacement can last up to 20-25 years.


The most common type of arthritis affecting more than 2 million Filipinos is osteoarthritis. It is a condition where the cartilage lining the bones in the joints gradually wears out resulting in pain.


A severe knee osteoarthritis can result in bone-to-bone contact causing extreme pain, usually with associated knee deformity.


Treatment of this kind of arthritis is usually done abroad and costly. However with the Orthopaedic International, Inc. (OII) established in Cabuyao, Laguna two and half years ago led by Ramon Gustilo M.D. we now have it available in our country (Philippines).


OII with its Axis knee System, the first world-class total knee replacement system developed and manufactured in Southeast Asia is presently available domestically.


We now have a better access, convenience, faster diagnosis and treatment of this kind of ailment designed for Filipino and Asian knees of novel instrumentation that ensures correct knee alignment that is of high quality registered with the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA), that is international modern ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facility.


This is a total knee replacement system that is priced at 40% – 50% lower compared to other system that is of international standard.


The Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (DOST-PCHRD) partnership with OII is the first and only public-private partnership (PPP) of the Philippine Government in the Field of Biochemical research.


With this mode of partnership, technology uptake by industry is faster and Montoya hopes that this will jumpstart more partnership of this kind.


For more information, visit us at:, or call us at: (632) 813-5858.


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